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Capital Compass BC: Founders Demo

Tuesday, May 28 @ 9AM PST

Join us for a virtual demo of our capital mapping tool, Capital Compass BC. This free-to-use platform offers centralized intelligence on startups, scaleups, investors, entrepreneurial resources, and investment capital flow within the province. 

In this demo, you'll learn more about this powerful database, including: 

  • Investor Discovery: Offers a comprehensive database to search for investors, with the ability to filter based on specific investment criteria.
  • Matching Tool: An algorithmic tool that matches companies with interested investors based on sector focus and investment profile.
  • Strategic Analysis: Enables companies to analyze investor portfolios and understand investment strategies, helping to assess their fit before engagement.
  • Market Insights: Investment heatmaps and detailed data allow companies to track market trends and understand investment activities.
  • Visibility to Investors: Startups and scaleups can leverage Capital Compass to increase their visibility to a wide network of investors, potentially leading to funding opportunities.
  • Market Positioning: Companies can position themselves within the tech ecosystem and measure their growth using data and insights from the platform.
  • Lead Generation: Build out sales pipelines to targeted audience segments.  

Learn how Capital Compass BC can help your next big venture. Reserve your spot today and start navigating B.C.’s capital opportunities.

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